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Established in 2007, Aestus Company Ltd is specialized in business consulting, commercial transactions, industrial outsourcing. Through its professional staff with over 25 years of China experience, Aestus Company has established cooperation with highly reliable companies, investment promotion agencies not only in China but also in Europe and in Africa, aiming to serve customers with the most suitable tailor made services, to suit different clients with different needs. The company works with the client throughout each step, in a very close way to better understand the client’s needs and draw the most appropriate strategy for his business success. Thanks to the long Cooperation with different manufacturing companies, international and national certification centers, Aestus Co. Ltd can guarantee strong market penetration and risk-free commercial transactions. Working with local government units in charge of product certification, we can have detail information on the manufacturer’s product quality and reliability through local chamber of commerce. Scope of Activities Business Consulting • Feasibility study business plan and cost analysis for investments in China, West Africa and Italy; • Consulting and Assistance in opening Representative Offices, Joint-Venture and Companies with total capital (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise); • Consulting and assistance on Mergers & Acquisitions of Chinese Companies in China or elsewhere; • Consulting and Assistance on Business organization, staff recruiting, reviewing work contracts; • Trademark and Patent registrations. Trading The company since established, is involved in trading mainly for the following products which are the main trading activities: • Medical: medical consumables, medical apparatus, surgical equipment and apparatus; • Power sector: solar panels, complete set of photovoltaic for independent power generation unit for domestic and commercial; • Building materials; faucets, tiles, basins, etc.; • Electronic and electric products • Small agricultural product processing plant: fruit processing plant • Import/Export: cotton, cotton seeds, cashew nuts Investment in Africa For many years, but more intensively and aggressively since 2009, Aestus has actively promoted economic and trade relations between China, Africa and Europe, with particular emphasis on infrastructure projects such as: • Road rehabilitation and upgrading • Power plants (rural electrification projects) • Large industrial plants (drinking water, salt processing plant) • Prefabricated houses for middle and low income people • Hospitals • Wind farms, large scale photovoltaic project • Government Buildings The above projects (mainly carried in West Africa so far) are implemented with the support of the Chinese Government and with the negotiating capability of the Chinese companies we are working with, which companies have high lobbying skills for securing the Chinese government Export and Import Bank of China (Exim Bank) through preferential credit, credits without interest, grants, loans, etc. • Other projects depending on client’s requirements and financial availability.

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