Celestin Oyinlola Chabi is a professional who lives and works in China since 1987. Over the last twenty years has followed the establishment of many joint ventures in China with foreign participation and the development of many business relationships, outsourcing from China to Europe and from Europe to the Chinese market. In recent years, and given the growing importance in the global economy of the African continent, he dedicated himself to the development of projects in infrastructure by Chinese companies in African countries.

Lucia Bini is a professional who lives and works in China since 1991. Since the beginning of the ninties she specialized in set up and company management of JV with Chinese investments or wolly owned foreign enterprises, human resources management and improvement and synergies improvements between the local enterprise and the head quarters. In outsourcing she has an extensive experience in the mechanical, medical apparatus and goods, home items. She follows since many years the distribution in China of fashion design clothes, accessories, jewllery and home design items.